Iraqi Refugees

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Thu, 2011-10-13 04:06

Selah, an Iraqi refugee child, and his mother.

Joined Nahoko Takato and visited this child (Selah) and his family at a hospital during my stay in Amman, Jordan. She told me that they arrived in March and were still waiting to get on UNHCR's list. However, the child, who was born with a birth defect, had his conditions worsened in the few days beforehand and required surgery ASAP.

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Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Tue, 2011-10-11 18:48

What can I say...

They just work.

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On Travelling

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Sat, 2011-09-24 17:45

"...Most Jordanians wouldn't dream of ripping off a foreigner, with the possible exception of taxi drivers," thus says the Lonely Planet guide.

Indeed, the taxi drivers are notoriously dishonest, and I can attest to the above statement from first hand experience. But regarding the other Jordanians......

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The “Opening” of the Rafah Crossing

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Fri, 2011-09-16 02:55

Palestinians waiting at the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.
Palestinians waiting at the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.

Below is my personal observation and experience as a foreigner who have tried entering the Gaza Strip through the official Rafah crossing, but had to go through one of the tunnels in the end.

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A Letter to the Children and the Youth (re: New School Year)

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Sun, 2011-09-04 12:43

The new school year is about to start, what do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

I have been to the Gaza Strip recently. It's a small piece of land located at the south east of the Mediterranean sea, and the south west of Palestine/Israel. The land area is about a third of Hong Kong's (360 km2 vs. 1100 km2). It's a beautiful coastal flat land.

The beach in Gaza.

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Who Likes to Stand Under a Scorching Sun?

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Sun, 2011-08-14 07:24

Ramadan has started last Monday, and police and military personnel have been stationing at and around Tahrir Square since then. A few skirmishes have occurred but it's largely peaceful. But it occurs to me, why are the security force there?

To answer the question, let me try to ask another question, who wants them to be there?

Let me venture to guess...

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What Does the Swine Flu Have Anything to Do in Egypt?

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Wed, 2011-08-03 17:28

Question: What does the swine flu have anything to do in Egypt? Afterall, Muslims (of which about 90% of the Egyptians are considered one) are forbidden to consume pork.

The (short) answer is: It made the streets dirtier.

Garbage in Cairo's streets

Thoughts on the Political Development of Palestine and Hong Kong

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Sun, 2010-05-02 21:57

This started as an email response to a contact in the occupied territories. Somehow, it struck me that there seem to be some similarities in the political situation shared by both of us.

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StikkiWorks Deluxe Chalk Keeper

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Mon, 2009-09-07 01:45

Despite the advent of whiteboards 30 years ago, blackboards remain a common item in our everyday life, especially for teachers and students. Even in wealthier places like Hong Kong, they're still found in many primary and secondary schools. The main reasons, I venture to guess, are that they’re entrenched, and the low acquisition cost of the writing tools – Chalks.

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