New HSBC Internet Banking Security Device

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Fri, 2010-12-31 12:54

Just a quick blurb about the new HSBC Internet Banking Security Device.

With the new device, one doesn’t have to submit a form to enable certain functions (like setting up a registered transfer account, making transfers to an non-registered account.. etc.)

The new device looks larger but is thinner than the old one (3mm vs 12mm). It's also 2g heavier than the old one (14g vs 12g, straps and hooks included).

Both of them are from VASCO Data Security International. The old one looks like a DIGIPASS GO 3 and the new one looks like a DIGIPASS 270 Xpress.

Update on 2011-01-15

I have used the new functions a few times. Fairly straightforward, but a bit cumbersome which is understandable since you don't want to transfer $$$ to the wrong account by mistake.

As usual, the documentation and instructions from HSBC is clear and concise.


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