My Miranda IM Experience - Part 3 - Core Customization

Submitted by Lo Yuk Fai on Wed, 2008-10-08 04:47

In this part I'll discuss the core settings, and about installing additional plugins, icons and sounds along the way.

Most of the options are self-explanatory. So I'll only talk about those that I changed, or feel important to drop a line or two.


There's a Fonts section whereas you can configure the fonts used in various parts. For some reasons, the default font Arial used for the message log doesn't display Chinese properly on my Vista box (but it's fine on the XP box), so I changed for both the incoming and outgoing messages to Tahoma, one of the fonts tested okay.

Besides, I recommend against using this screen to change the fonts for the contact list (clist). Because the clist module (at least for Classic) has a more refined font setting module.

Icons, and Addons...

Miranda comes with a default set of icons which you can change. I use the Globe version II from the amicons pack and as my global status icons.

To do so, first I extracted the Globe version II file (alternate\ami_globe.dll) from the archive and put it in the icons folder (the default is \Program Files\Miranda IM\Icons). Then, navigate to the relevant item (Icons --> Status Icons --> Global), clicked the load icon set button and selected ami_globe.dll). Mission accomplished.

Miranda IM - Options - IconsMiranda IM - Options - Icons

The Miranda Addons site is an essential part of the Miranda experience, most of the plugins, sounds, icons, emoticons, themes, etc... Can be found there. A few things should be noted: By default, the list is sorted by the "last updated" attribute, but I prefer to sort by "popularity" to see which plugins are downloaded more; Some items provide a screenshot so you can take a quick look; Sometimes the version on the addons site is not the most updated, read the description and see if it's mentioned where to find the updated version.

If you have read carefully you should notice that, not all the addons are hosted on the official addons site, and more than often the most updated versions are not there, even for some popular plugins. I don't know why it's done that way.

Installing additional plugins is similar, the difference is to put them in the plugins folder, and then activate them in the plugins option screen. Besides, be sure to check out the installation and usage instructions included in the archive if available.


I made Miranda switch to away mode when Windows is left unattended for 10 minutes; If the screen saver is active; And if the computer is locked.


Here you can pre-configure some status messages for various modes. Instead I prefer to keep them same as the last time. Customize as you like.


I use Wurt Simplicity. Downloaded, extracted to the Sounds folder, configured.


Some of the addons are available in both Unicode and ANSI version, be sure to get the right one, otherwise weird things may happen. You can check your current version from the main menu (Help --> About).

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